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Portland, Oregon

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Our Services

We offer DNA sequencing and analysis for any biological specimen.

Our basic service is the extraction of DNA from the specimens you provide, PCR to amplify the barcode locus (or other locus you specify) for your sample, and sequencing of the amplified region. PCR products will be sequenced in the forward and reverse direction and the two reads will be aligned to provide a consensus sequence. Sequences will be provided in a file in FASTA format, and the ab1 sequence files can be provided also.

In addition to DNA extraction and sequencing, we offer the following services:

  • Sequence data analysis
  • Specific primer design
  • Molecular probe development
  • Results analysis including phylogenetic tree construction
  • Project consultation
  • Submission of sequences to GenBank

For pricing information and any questions you may have, send us an email with your requirements and questions. (

Please provide the type and number of samples you want to have sequenced.

What to Send

A small piece of fully dried material is ideal. It should be packaged so that different samples don't contaminate each other. Sealing in a small zip-lock plastic bag works well, as does a small envelope.

Please clearly label the sample bag or envelope with the sample identifier you enter on the submission form.

plant sample in small plastic bag taking a small sample from a plant

Where to Send It

Molecular Solutions LLC
745 NW Hoyt St, #2546
Portland, OR 97208

Thank you for supporting this small business!